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Interior Design Tips or Creating a Bellarine Coastal Haven

April 20, 2018 Can’t believe we are in April now. I’m loving those crisp mornings where there is a chill in the air but the sun is out and you can feel it starting to warm up. I thought it’s the perfect time for a little interior design advice for Bellarine Peninsula homeowners – or anybody, for that...
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Make Your Property Stand Out with Professional Property Styling

March 17, 2018 I get asked this often how I do make my property stand out on the market. There are many factors to consider with the presentation of your home. The key things to get right first up is the maintenance on your home for example fixing damaged weatherboards, roof, guttering, broken windows, chipped paint on the...
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Surf Coast interior design, Torquay

Interior design and decluttering at Torquay

December 22, 2017 Gadgets and gizmos, contraptions and creations – modern lifestyles are filled with all manner of devices and appliances to enhance our comfort. And while the proliferation of appliances and equipment has made life easier in many ways, 21st century paraphernalia has created unprecedented clutter. It was such clutter that prompted homeowners in Torquay to call...
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Wallington interior styling, Bellarine Peninsula

Interior design tips ahead of Wallington sale

December 21, 2017 People selling houses often ask our interior designers how to simply improve the appearance of a house to help attract a top price. There’s no one simple solution but the interior design advice we provided for this Wallington home is something we regularly tell clients to help enhance their homes before selling: You’ve got to...
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Barwon Heads interior design, Bellarine Peninsula

Interior design advice at Barwon Heads

December 21, 2017 This client sought our assistance with pre-sale interior design advice for their Barwon Heads home before putting it on the market. Presenting your home in its best possible light before selling is a great strategy and although the Bellarine Peninsula is a beautiful part of the world and property is in demand, it never hurts...
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Residential interior design Barwon Heads

Ocean Grove interior design helps sell home

December 20, 2017 The Premium Interior Styling team was doing a spot of collective back slapping and self-congratulations after our pre-sale interior design advice for an Ocean Grove home helped the property sell in a week. We were very pleased with ourselves. However, our pleasure transformed to absolute delight when we discovered that instead of a week, the house...
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Interior Styling Tips for Creative Xmas Wrapping

December 20, 2017 Xmas is nearly here, this time of the year can be crazy for some but special especially when Xmas day comes around. I am sure you have a long list of things to get done, family and friends to catch up with and work to finish off and bags to pack for your holidays. Do...
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What’s Hot in the Interior Design Market in Geelong

August 26, 2017 Visiting the recent design fairs recently I am noticing Indigo is the colour of the season. Most stands were displaying their beautiful ranges with tones of Indigo blue. I have not always been a fan of the dark indigo blues but I am starting to really warm to these colours. Indigo looks stunning with the...
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