August 27, 2019

We recently been involved in several interior design commercial projects in Geelong and on the Great Ocean Road. For one of our projects which is a hotel we created a luxe style while creating a sophisticated design bringing in velvet, gorgeous wallpapers, bronze coloured tapware, large scale antique chandeliers and beautiful bronze elements in the drapes. There was a strong European influence gorgeous French styles gates, and awnings on the exterior with statement flags at the front of the building to set the scene.

It’s quite simple to bring luxe like this into your homes with all the beautiful hardware fittings, tiles, mirrors, furniture, lighting, bedding and accessories available on the market. You can create a sophisticated style and incorporate this into your home so your spaces feel like a high end hotel, resort every day if this is what you love.

Geelong has many beautiful heritage homes where you can introduce this luxe style. If you wish to pare it back a little you can introduce subtle elements of luxury. If you’re wanting to create this in your lounge space look at the following first. Sofa – does your current sofa give you a feeling of luxury? Is it time to upgrade and look at a sofa that is timeless but still gives you the opulent style you want to create? Be careful not to choose fabrics that have a date stamp on them and you know what trend that was. Fabrics that will stay on trend but still give you a feeling of luxury. Select your rug as a statement piece that sets the scene and oozes opulence.

Cushions – you can explore the gorgeous velvets, prints that are on the market, the more the merrier, I love cushions. Mirror – can you purchase a mirror that has that opulent antique bronze, brass or metallic blackened finish or can you paint this to create the same look. Coffee table and side table – is it time to upgrade or can you explore and chat to your local paint supplier re the amazing finishes on the market and give your furniture a revamp? Lighting – is it time to being in a statement pendant or chandelier to this space which will be a piece that you will love and treasure, mood lighting at night? Have fun and enjoy the process.