July 30, 2019

When I first met Alicia Kennedy I was very excited about the up and coming interior design renovation project we completed in Ocean Grove where we created a pet community hub for her amazing team and extended community. The brief was to create a Veterinary clinic that was calming, inviting and relaxed for Alicia’s wide range of clients.  Alicia needed space for dog training, events, and clients who were bringing their dogs and cats to her clinic for veterinary treatment and end of life.  It was very important to the Cherished community hub team for their clients and animals to feel welcome, and to make the clinic special for everyone as our pets are our family.

We worked on the coastal palette which Alicia loved baby blue on the walls, natural timber tones, customised banquette seating to cater for many, foliage to bring warmth into the space and timber lighting to feature her gorgeous photographic artworks of the animals that have touched her heart.  We came up with a plan to add internal windows in the building to create more light in the consulting rooms.

Photography was completed by a very talented local photographer, he really captured the essence of her passion which is her beautiful animals. The building works was completed by a local builder who was excellent, we worked really well together.   We made sure Alicia had everything she wanted so her space was comfortable for everyone.

Alicia lives on the Bellarine, with her husband, three daughters, 4 dogs, 3 cats and an abundance of other pets. She has always shared special connections with elderly clients whose capacity to care for their pets can become compromised.  Alicia understands the importance of a pet to an elderly person, particularly when they live alone.

It has become Alicia’s mission to support companion pets of elderly people, and to advocate for the role of pets in healthy ageing.

In addition, the other vulnerable groups of people who Alicia is committed to supporting in companion pet ownership are people with disabilities, mental health sufferers (short and longer term), people sleeping rough, and victims of domestic violence.