Bungalow and Villa Renovation Specialists create the Dream Home in NZ

May 1, 2019

Our friends at Bungalow and Villa Renovations Specialists, New Zealand, have been working on a new build at Baddeley’s Beach estuary. Set on 450m/2 and set in amongst 10 acres of bordering mangroves this house features a double gable set in pavilion style home.

Justin Molloy, business owner says “The site has had tonnes and tonnes of earth moved to create this unique setting. We have worked in with our clients to create a one off unique luxury home.”

Featuring texture everywhere and band sawn features throughout such as heavy band sawn beams which tie into the wide band sawn cedar from the Canadian Rockies, complimented by the warm American rustic grade white oak floors using WOCA design Denmark, this design is sure to wow.

One standout feature is the oversized doors in grand proportion, creating a warm and inviting entrance way. “We loved bringing in many ideas within the design scheme which was very general at the start. Justin’s job was to recreate what his clients were imagining. We have excelled in this” says Justin “Finding a stone that would not look contrived. Taking a door design from the drawing board to creating castle doors.  Working with precast panel designers to create feature panels and then artists to give them a warm and uniform hue.  Sourcing timbers from New Zealand – Canada, stone from India and recycled bluestone from an old wall in Mt Eden. Even our vanities and mantle sourced from demo yards here in New Zealand. What features these have become.”

Detail is everywhere.

Elm features as solid slab pieces on 2 vanities with iron bark from Australia an old wharf pile creating a stunning mantel piece with a stone slab from India. Bluestone kerbing was sourced from China. It’s fair to say that no stone has been left un-turned when sourcing materials and inspiration for this build.  “We brought in and managed experienced craftsmen through the build that we hand-picked from years of experience” says Justin

Justin’s work is just perfection! He specialises in custom bespoke building and works with his clients closely on each step of the building process making sure every detail is covered and it shows is his work.  Keep an eye on the project on Instagram: bungalow_and_villa and check out their website for more information of their services and projects:  http://www.bungalowvilla.co.nz/about-us