March 28, 2020

Now is the time to support each other more than ever, the world is changing and we are having to adapt ourselves to this change.  How do we go about our day to day? How do we support each other at this time? How do we support our families and friends? How do we come together and reach out more and more to community and work though this together?

There are so many decisions we all need to make but I know for sure that we all need each other and we can all get through this together.  There are so many local businesses that we can assist right now.  Whether it’s purchasing a meal from a local restaurant or café that has to now operate as a takeaway option, purchasing via our local butcher, deli, packing up clothes that can help a family and supporting Geelong Mums or many of the charities out there.  There will be ways I am sure that we can all assist and do our part to keep our community running.

As many of us will be working from home and may be coping with more distractions now than we have ever have had before due to looking after our families as our grandparents are not as accessible, what can we do to create your own work space right now?  Where is a quiet space in the house that you can go to and how do you make this space work for you?   For some of you this may be temporary and for others you may already be set up and operating this way.


  • Let there be light! Creating workspace lighting is important as it regulates melatonin and serotonin in the brain.
  • Look at the optimal temperature, 21.5 degrees recommended.
  • Indoor plants improve air quality and allow you to relax.
  • Nature can help you whether its fresh flowers, indoor plants or looking out to nature through a window.
  • Keep your monitor at eye level making it easy to raise or lower and having your chair at the height that is comfortable and doesn’t put strain on your neck or back.
  • Explore one of your children’s masterpieces which can be framed locally or an artwork you absolutely love.
  • Noise cancelling head phones to prevent distractions, or acoustic panels if needed.
  • Remove things around you that are distracting and have everything at arm’s reach or at your fingertips so you can access what you need straight away. Allow this space to be a productive space and a thinking space for you or if you need to share this space allow it to suit the people using it.
  • Have a diffuser going with your favourite essential oils that can add Zen to your space.

Most of all take care of yourself, give your space what it needs and treat yourself with kindness. Give yourself the time to get your workspace set up or have a scroll through our range of design services and be inspired by what we can create for you. We will design a workspace and environment that works perfectly for you so you can be organised, more productive and be able to spend quality time with your friends and family. xxx