What’s Hot in the Interior Design Market in Geelong

August 26, 2017

Visiting the recent design fairs recently I am noticing Indigo is the colour of the season. Most stands were displaying their beautiful ranges with tones of Indigo blue. I have not always been a fan of the dark indigo blues but I am starting to really warm to these colours. Indigo looks stunning with the natural wood, soft blush pinks, copper, natural linen and warm grey tones.

We specified recently a deep indigo blue for our client’s theatre room and it just looked stunning, the colour was very cosy, warm, and moody. If you add texture to the floors, lighting to create ambiance and the right tones of colour to the artwork and accessories you can create an absolutely stunning space that is timeless.

I just love it when our clients see the end result of our Interior Design projects in Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula and can’t believe it’s the same house. Such a great feeling knowing that you can help transform people’s lives in positive ways. Your home and your furnishings can make such a big impact on how you feel whether it’s your family home, rental property, or work space. Your surroundings play a big part in how you go about your day, if you have things around you that make you smile you will feel great getting out of bed every day, and will want to tick of those things on your list. It can be the small things for example if you have an artwork in your office which could be an image of a beach, this will inspire you and make you feel good rather than looking at an empty wall.

Be conscious of your surroundings and make your home a place that you can enjoy now and in years to come. Life is too short to not have the things around you that you love. Doesn’t have to be costly, it can be the small things fresh cut flowers and herbs from the garden and placed in a vase you love, new cushions on your sofa that you love or a new artwork the inspires you.
Enjoy the moment and live for today.