Geelong and Bellarine Property Styling – The Importance of Using Rugs to Create warmth and Uplift Your Space

July 12, 2017

The use of colors and textures in any interior design setting adds to the overall design theme and vibe. It can evoke a number of moods while adding depth and drama to the design. It allows you to craft spaces that have the right balance of comfort and aesthetics while taking you on a visual journey. The beauty of adding colors and textures to any space is its versatility in terms of application. These design elements don’t have to be exclusive to the walls and upholstery but can also be incorporated into the room through gorgeous rugs and carpets. In fact, rugs and carpets also add to the warmth, comfort levels and the overall vibe of the room, making it more inviting. There are a variety of ways to achieve such depth of design by simply using a fabulous rug! All you have to do is identify the kind of look or vibe you are going after and choose a rug accordingly. Here are the some aspects you must keep in mind when choosing the right rug for your space:

Color & Pattern

The most important of all aspects would be the color and pattern as this can make or break your look. Think of the theme you are going for and pick the color and design accordingly. You can choose to create a striking contrast or have a beautiful monotone theme, depending on the room. If it is the family room there is a lot of natural lighting, go for a lights and bright to enhance the overall appeal. In case of a dining room or the formal meeting room, you can go for a bolder, more dramatic color to uplift the room


While texture may not be the first aspect that comes to mind when picking a rug, it should definitely not be ignored when making your decision. Now-a-days, you can find rugs of different types of textures, made from unique materials like canvas, cotton, velvet and even cowhide! Imagine a bold colored cowhide rug gracing your living room or even the foyer entrance. It is guaranteed to make a big impression!

The basic use of a rug is to enhance the flooring and define a space, think of where the rug will be placed, the foot-traffic it will endure and make the decision based on that. Animal hide rugs have recently gained popularity because of their durability and ease of maintenance making them a great choice for homes with kids and even pets!

And versatility in terms of pattern, weave, color, and texture allow for endless ways to change any space! Additionally, adding rugs to your interiors are a great way to complement the flooring while protecting it from wear and tear. They are easy to maintain and can be repositioned elsewhere if the need be. You can also pick a rug made of hypoallergenic materials like cowhide and goat hide to enhance the functionality of the rug!

The design possibilities are endless, all you have to do is envision your space and make your choice depending on the style you’re wanting to create! If you’re looking for the perfect rug Art Hide have a gorgeous range of rugs. Kura from Art Hide founded ‘Art Hide’ while on tour working as a PR specialist. Kura is an expert in sourcing the highest quality rugs on the market.

Enjoy your rugs this winter.