Geelong Interior Design – Nursery Storage Solutions

June 15, 2017

We all need room for our children’s’ toys, clothes, books while also creating enough space in their room where they feel relaxed after a busy day. Its interesting talking to clients about what is important to them with their nursery and the same topic comes up which is having enough space with separate compartments to put away their babies clothes. Much easier to put away their pants, shorts, t-shirts etc into a drawer with compartments than putting away everything in one big drawer and then trying to find what you’re looking for.

Hanging multiple levels of clothing is perfect if you’re limited on space. I find having a combination of box shelving, where you can purchase baskets to fit in them works really well especially for lego, cars and crafts. You can look at making signs which are laminated that hang from each basket so your babies/toddlers know what is in each basket and where everything goes. Drawers with compartments work a treat for other clothing, socks etc and drawers that are not too deep for shoes are fantastic as you can house many shoes in one place.

There are fantastic designers, cabinet makers and wardrobe solution companies that can really maximise the space, you just tell them exactly what you need and they will create the perfect solution. If you’re on a budget then a retailer could be an option, just measure the space and purchase the wardrobe solution that suits your needs. I find it’s often more cost effective to work with a professional company to fit out your wardrobe as they will provide you with the complete space saving solution, this allows you to look out of the square and explore different options that suit your family.

We all want more space in our homes these days, even clients that live in larger homes want good storage solutions for all the different sporting activities that we are all involved in these days. Having the perfect storage option that works for everyone in the family makes things much easier, you will find things quicker and everyone then has a place to put things.

Enjoy creating your next storage solution.

Kind Regards,

Director/Interior Stylist
Premium Interior Styling