Living the Dream; Purchasing & Renovating your Holiday Home

December 15, 2016

When you purchase your holiday home it’s important to consider who will be using it, will it be just family or did you plan to rent this out. If renting which market do you want to target. In peak season, especially on the Surfcoast; the rent will be much higher so it’s important if you are renting your holiday home out during this time to keep it in top order.

Before starting the renovation set a budget and timeframe, quality is the key, make sure your interior design for the kitchen and bathroom are large enough for the guests staying. Spend time on sourcing the best tradesmen, arrange for them to quote on the work and discuss timeframes with them. Don’t always look at the cheapest quote generally you pay more for quality.

You will need to consider how much your property will be worth after you have completed the renovation. Guests love open spaces, lots of natural light, rooms that are not too dark, accommodating more rooms or space for sleeping will add considerable value. You will be able to charge more rent if you can accommodate more people. If you have the budget to extend your holiday home it will be worth it.

Think about the beds, are they comfortable, there is nothing worse than staying in an uncomfortable bed when you’re away. Look at purchasing a Wi-Fi smart TV, this will add value to the home and guests do expect this.

Heating and cooling is important to look at, especially on those summer days that reach 40 degrees. You need to keep your guests cool and comfortable.

Last thing to think about if your guests are bringing young children think about fencing, especially if your home is on the waterfront or on a busy road. Last thing you want is for kids to run out on the road or to the beach without adult supervision.

Paint colours, it’s nice to add some colour to beach houses, it will stand out online to potential guests deciding on where to stay and will add life to the home. You can also bring our colour in the artwork and cushions while keeping the sofas and rugs fairly neutral but practical.

As seen in Geelong GT Magazine