Property Styling in Geelong achieves great auction result for charity

November 25, 2013

Premium Interior Styling was thrilled to be involved in this wonderful cause to help raise funds for the Casey Tutangi and Bluey McGrath foundation. By co ordinating the property styling the Geelong, Warralillay property and furniture that had been donated to the foundation we were able to help Gartland’s Geelong achieve a great action result to help raise much needed proceeds for the Casey Tutangi and Bluey McGrath foundation!

Many other suppliers supported this cause too, it was a great effort by all; special thanks to Gartlands Geelong who ensured the action result exceeded expectation!

Property Styling is so important when selling a property and is the key to a successful sale!

It was a joy to be part of this special project that will support both Casey Tutangi and the Bluey McGrath foundation, both much deserved and needed.