September 21, 2019

Don’t you just love this time of the year, sun is shining, the evenings are getting lighter and everyone is enjoying their homes, sprawling out into their alfresco areas, garden and if you are lucky enough to have a pool enjoying a dip in your pool.

Giving your home that edge and creating an environment that is relaxing and cool for everyone that lives there is a great place to start.  A few things to consider:


How does it make you feel when you enter your home?, do you have a beautiful artwork or mirror, console with all the things you love on this do you have shoes lined up at your door and things that shouldn’t be there. Do you have a bench seat that is welcoming, what is it that inspires you and makes you smile.  How can you improve on this to make you feel relaxed when you step in.  As MariE Kondo says if there are things in your home that don’t spark joy then it’s time to let them go and have things around you that do spark joy.  This could be fresh flowers, candles, a photo of a trip you had overseas, a grouping of nature pieces that you have collected from your local homeware store or from the beach, an artwork from your local artist that you just adore. Create this for yourself.


How does your bedroom make you feel? When did you change your doona cover style. I think it’s quite nice to update your doona covers for the season.  What’s new in the stores, do you like floral or maybe a bamboo or linen doona cover that feels like silk on your skin, do you prefer a bold design.  Do you love colour or do you prefer the nature colours and softer palette with elements of colour through your artwork and statement pieces.  Have a look at what is current in the stores and explore what sparks joy to you, what do you gravitate to, follow your instinct on what you love.  My absolute favourite colour for complete relaxation and harmony is the green palette at the moment just STUNNING working in with the tans, woven basket weaves, beautiful linens, wicker and warm timbers.  My second favourite colour palette at the moment are the warm mustards working in with the tans, navy and the honey and walnut timbers.   These colours work beautifully in male or female bedrooms as well as lounge spaces.


How does your living room feel? If you’re buying new pieces of furniture try and focus on choosing furniture that works in with your current furniture and doesn’t look completely out of place.  I think it’s nice to have your own personality in your home and that your home tells a story to your friends and family, it’s 100% about you. You can mix periods and show off your personal style and have the home that gives back to you just as much as you give to it.  It’s just like a relationship, my advice take a notepad or IPAD around your home and take notes of what you really love and replace what you don’t or simply call a designer to assist. :>