Bringing Scandinavian style into a Geelong home through interior design

August 23, 2018

Our team recently completed a Scandinavian style interior design project in Geelong West for a family home. We worked directly with the client to customize their home and produced an amazing result that turned this property into the client’s ideal home.

When best done, Scandinavian style is simple and functional, yet elegant – and focuses on incorporating light through natural tones and materials that creates welcoming spaces that all visitors can enjoy.

When it comes to interior design, the team at Premium Interior Design focus on creating a cohesive flow throughout the home, with consistent decorating and layouts that are designed for everyday living.

With this client we introduced a Scandinavian style throughout, introducing a cosiness to each space, which is warm and inviting. We also cater our designs to our clients, so that they feel their home has part of them incorporated into the design.

These particular clients were from a farm, so our team showed elements of this through the artwork, as  a way of bringing part of them into the home. After all, generic stock photo art can still look great and complement the design of your home, but if it doesn’t say anything about you, then what’s the point?

In the lounge room we introduced a striking balance of textural geometric cushions along with leather cushions, working this in with the clients Scandinavian style modular sofa.

We also knew that this was a family home with a toddler. So we brought in a large-scale rug to allow the clients toddler to roam free and not have to worry about them making a mess on the surface underneath.

As much as we enjoy making homes look and feel great for our clients, any professional interior designer worth their salt will also consider the practical day-to-day living requirements of their clients. Whether that be making sure that a home is comfortable and safe for children or simply making sure that there is as much space as possible.

If you’re looking for an interior designer in Geelong that focuses on exceptional style that is tailored to your everyday needs, then you need Premium Interior Design. Contact our team discuss your upcoming project.