Our interior designers give Geelong home the coastal feel

July 27, 2018

While working on many properties our Geelong-based interior designers have noticed the increased popularity of the coastal style for both bedrooms and shared spaces in the home. Modern living is all about a holistic lifestyle that incorporates all elements of your life, from your career, to your hobbies and travels. This is now culminating in the aesthetic of the home, with people wanting to feel like the design of the home reflects their personal style.

Our designers recently completed a project in Highton that was all about incorporating a coastal feel. Achieving a coastal feel in a home is all about having earthy tones, furniture and decorative pieces, offset by aquatic and beach-inspired colours.

The goal when employing coastal design elements is to achieve a space that is relaxing and calming, suiting a more laid back lifestyle, making it ideal for areas of the home focused on comfort. For this particular project, our team put the coastal vibe through the use of raw timbers, lamps made of natural materials, carefully selected cushions and bringing in colour through the use of bright accessories.

With us spending so much time inside of our homes during the winter months, now was the perfect time for our client to have this project completed in their home.

Now they have the luxury of enjoying the coast during both the winter and summer – ideal for someone who loves getting outdoors and active in the summer, but finds themselves feeling miserable during winter, stuck indoors with boring and drab colours.

Our coastal interior design brings Geelong homes to life, whether you’re after an entire home makeover or only want to change a couple of rooms, our team will work with you to achieve the desired result.

Want to know more about how to bring coastal style into your home? Check out our video by owner of Premium Interior Design Mandy Molloy-Lee or contact us to schedule a meeting.