Interior Styling Tips for Creative Xmas Wrapping

December 20, 2017

Xmas is nearly here, this time of the year can be crazy for some but special especially when Xmas day comes around. I am sure you have a long list of things to get done, family and friends to catch up with and work to finish off and bags to pack for your holidays. Do you have family visiting or staying with you, let’s give you some interior styling inspiration to wrap those beautiful gifts under the tree before your guests arrive on Xmas day.

This time of the year is precious, one thing I really enjoy and I believe is part of the fun of Xmas is wrapping Xmas presents. Mum would give me the task of wrapping Xmas presents on Xmas Eve and I loved it. For our family it’s not just about gifts and volume of them, it’s the small things that count. What I love is seeing people sharing home-made treats, or it could be a craft that someone has spent time on, your children’s art framed for your grandparents or a gift that makes someone smile.

You don’t have to spend huge money on wrapping paper. I like to start with one base colour and then work from there, your theme could be all natural, brown paper, rice paper and raffia or orange and silver, pink & green for a pop of colour, silver and white, white and red, silver and aqua or silver and green, any colour is possible. It’s nice to work on the main wrapping first and make sure you have enough for all presents. You may want to explore a band where you fold the second wrapping around the gift to layer it, you might decide to use raffia for a loose relaxed wrap or metal wire ribbon to tie the perfect bow or thin ribbon. You could get into the festive season and add holly to your gift. Spotlight or Lincraft would be a good start to source what you need.

Growing up my Mum owned a home-ware business and our family would always help out especially around Xmas time looking after Xmas wrapping. There would be a long line of customers waiting outside to get in the shop to see all the latest stock for Xmas and waiting for gift wrapping. I would always smile to myself and think WOW it’s great to see how many customers love their gifts wrapped for someone special and hear their stories about Xmas and what they are going to do. This time can be lonely for elderly, so if your parents or grandparents are in a rest home make their day, a colorful gift home-made or brought can brighten up someone’s day. Do someone this year that brings a smile to someone’s day and when your choosing that prezzie for someone it’s not the size that counts it’s the thought that counts. Enjoy your Xmas with your friends and family and we look forward to sharing more with you in the New Year.

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Director/Interior Stylist
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