Property styling a spring clean in Geelong

September 2, 2014

Yes, it’s that glorious time of year again – spring is in the air. The weather is getting better, the days will be longer soon and it’s time to get your property ready for summer barbeques and outdoor entertaining in the sun.

It’s also a peak time where people put their properties on the market for sale – spring is always a popular season to do this. It’s a great time to look at property styling to help with your spring cleaning if you are sprucing up for sale or simply getting your home ready for the summer months, so here are some easy tips for your own property styling spring clean.

Starting from the outside, check if your home’s exterior needs a wash down, from the facade to outdoor tiles and decks. Don’t forget your fences or garden either. Next, begin decluttering and assess your interior. If you don’t use everything you have around you, recycle or donate them to charity.

Give the floors a refreshing clean and establish if they need repairing, then inspect your upholstery. What does your sofa look like? Is it time for an update? If so changing over you cushions is an easy way to jazz up a new look, whether it’s a chevron printed cushion, a large colourful pattern to add pizzazz or a textured cushion to work in the space.

It’s worth looking closely at carpets and rugs, especially if you can’t remember the last time a professional cleaner gave them a spruce up. If you’re looking to transition your styling with the seasons, consider changing over your rug to a brighter colourful option.

It’s also time to start cleaning those windows and letting the warm sunshine in. While you’re there, give your drapes and blinds a clean as well, then have a look at your walls to check if they need cleaning or a paint touch up. For a quick fix, swap over your framed artwork to something more picturesque or vivid.

If you’re in the mood for major change, consider giving the colour of your walls a lift. In the bedrooms, air out the winter doona before putting it away, then change over the rest of your bed linen to cooler sheets. You could also look at brighter colours to freshen up the room for the summer months ahead.

We all love to be surrounded by the things that make us feel good, so don’t wait and get started now with refreshing your Geelong properties – this way, you can start enjoying them in the coming months. Enjoy the process!

As seen in Geelong GT Magazine