Property styling gives Geelong a selling style

May 9, 2014

The secret to making a home look its best before you sell it is placement and careful property styling. Most people struggle with what goes where. How many times have you stood at a doorway to a disjointed room and thought. “Whats wrong with this?”

I have good news: every room has an ideal arrangement for interior styling, which can be discovered by avoiding the most common mistakes or using trial and error. Testing different ways to place your furniture is often the best way to discover the perfect layout. Have a play, even experienced property stylists move things around until they get it right.

When it comes to selling your home in and around Geelong, avoid too much or too little furniture. Select your best pieces, as it’s better to have a few impressive pieces than a roomful of some good and some not so good pieces. Keep the large pieces, such as couches, chairs, beds and book shelves, unless they are in poor condition or dated. No one expects you to be a trendsetter, but colours and styles from a few decades ago will not make your home look fresh and exciting. If your sofa style still works but the fabric is outdated, look at reupholstering and giving it a new look. You will be amazed the difference it makes.

Home buyers will compare your home to others with new and stylish furniture, so use your opportunity to make the first impression. Having too much furniture can make it look cluttered. Less is best – it feels great when you walk into a well designed room and everything feels like it has been cohesively put together.

It’s important to get the furniture balance right and have the right amount in a room. Makes sure you get the proportions and scale right. Scale is the how the size of one object relates to another or to the space in which it is placed, and proportion is the ratio between the size of one part to another.

If your room is barren, add key furniture pieces, such as sofas, coffee tables or lamps. If it still looks sparse, a rug and artwork will connect the grouping you have. Adding extra pieces such as a shelving unit, chair, console or room divider will also bring it together.

Most importantly, don’t leave your property empty when selling. Home buyers see an unfurnished room as a problem room. Have the sellers run out of money? Or did they buy and need to sell? Maybe they will accept a low offer. Be creative to make sure your home stands out on the market.

You can’t sell a secret :)

Mandy Molloy-Lee