Property Styling a clutter free home office in Geelong

February 14, 2014

More and more Geelong clients are now working from home so property styling and creating an office space that is efficient, user friendly, clutter free and private are important things to consider.

Start with good storage systems to file your paperwork, supplies and make sure you have enough room to move. There is nothing worse than having an office where you feel you are surrounded by paperwork on a daily basis. If you have a place to put away your files or supplies then you will not only feel organised but also be more efficient in your own business.

Here are some things to consider when planning your office: Start with a desk that is large enough to work from. If your office is long in length and not too deep then you could look at a custom made desk that takes up the full length of that space creating a good balance for the space, inbuilt with drawers, and 2x filing cabinets that can sit flush underneath the desk either side of your work space allowing enough room to move around freely. Enclosed shelving above works well to keep away excess clutter. You could also look at an inbuilt floor to ceiling enclosed shelving unit on the opposite wall to make full use of the space or if you wanted to have open box shelving invest in designer storage boxes that can hold items that you don’t wish to see and label each box accordingly.

If your office is on the larger size then you have more space to work with, you can look at a larger inbuilt cupboard floor to ceiling that holds everything you require so you don’t have files of paperwork sitting on your desk with nowhere to put them. You could also look at a custom made desk that is designed to accommodate your needs without being too big. If you have client meetings at home then look at a circular table, as they work well for client meetings and don’t take up a lot of space. Other things you may consider is a paint colour that is calming, create enough lighting above your work space, desk lamp for your work area, make sure your computer screen is glare free to eliminate eye strain, a ergonomic office chair that is positioned at the correct height for your desk with good back support. Artwork will add the finishing touch, or a vision board with inspiring pics of things that you are passionate about, and a rug to soften the space.

If you can consider the above you will create a space where you feel organsied and can take on the world.

As seen in Geelong GT Magazine