Tips on decorating your home this Christmas from Geelong’s interior design experts

December 1, 2018

The Premium Interior Design team have worked on a variety of residential interior design projects in Geelong and beyond, often tasked with creating the perfect style haven for home owners that is matched by superior comfort. When it comes to getting your home ready for Christmas, the objective should be the same!

With the Christmas season in full swing and preparations beginning for Christmas day, there is no better opportunity to start thinking about creating that perfect sanctuary at home. Channeling a Nordic Christmas as inspiration with a wonderful simple style, which acts beneficially upon us, helping to relieve stress and create a pleasant mood with its minimalist elements, evergreen features and less is more approach.

Think light, bright and airy with a simple pallet of greens, soft metallic, such as coppers, brushed golds or muted silvers, natural woods, greys and white creating a beautiful Nordic Christmas feel and calm, relaxing space. Mixing in hints of berry reds and grey/white stripes to linen napkins or chair cushions will assist in adding interest. Natural materials are often mixed with this style such as linens, faux furs and chunky knits, creating texture and warmth.

Adding a few touches of greenery throughout will freshen up the space and help bring in that natural look. Pine cones from the garden and cut foliage can be used to create a beautiful table centre, and can be a simple addition to a place setting or can be pieced in vases or jugs amongst shelving. This not only looks beautiful but will create a delicious scent throughout the home.

Candles and candle sticks are the perfect accent at this time of year and work back nicely with metallic’s and greenery. These can be incorporated with glass jars amongst the table setting and décor.

Continue the colour palette through to your Christmas tree, keeping it paired-back, dressed with non-coloured lights. This will help to ensure your tree is an accent in your living space rather than the focal point.  Gifts wrapping in brown, white and charcoal paper tied up with bakers twine, sprig of foliage from the garden; a simple way of creating beautiful wrapping which your friends and family will enjoy.

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