Interior Design Advice Helps Geelong Client Create Space She Loves

May 12, 2018

Are the spaces in your home what you truly desire?

Your home is a place that you can relax, unwind and truly express yourself. When working with clients our Geelong interior design team likes to work with them on their vision and understand what their true intentions and goals are for their home, what makes their heart sing. A home should be a place that has a meaning to everyone that lives in it and every space has a purpose.

We all desire to have more time for ourselves and our families these days and be able to have spaces in the home that allow us to dream, feel positive and motivate us to take action in our lives rather than feel over whelmed with everything around us and frustrated that there is too much clutter. To create the ideal home we like to work with our clients on each space thinking about exactly how they use this and are these spaces currently working for them.

I thought I would share this story to inspire you to think about your home and whether all the spaces are working for you? We met with a client a few weeks ago that had 5x rooms in her home and these rooms were not lifting her spirits. We assisted with the 4 rooms creating spaces that had a purpose and worked for her family which she loves.

Geelong interior design team creates sanctuary

The 5th room really stood out to me as her passion was yoga, but she didn’t enjoy practicing yoga at home as it was not relaxing for her. We worked on a spare room that instead of having the room filled with laundry and clothing as well as a spare bed that is only used once a year. We created a space that she could use every day and start her day in this amazing environment. Our interior design team in Geelong created a sanctuary that allowed her to feel that she was going for a relaxation massage every day she entered the room and it could take her to a place that she loved.

We created beautiful candle scents, rug that was so soft and felt like you were on a cloud when lying on the floor, paint tone that was calming on the eye. Drapes resort style but worked in with the style of the homes interior, she then had everything around her that lifted her spirits including her vision board which I recommended. Why not create spaces that have a purpose than have furniture that may fill the room but you don’t love it and it’s not used.

We look forward to creating your own sanctuary and creating the home that you love.