Make Your Property Stand Out with Professional Property Styling

March 17, 2018

Property styling in Geelong and Surfcoast

I get asked this often how I do make my property stand out on the market. There are many factors to consider with the presentation of your home. The key things to get right first up is the maintenance on your home for example fixing damaged weatherboards, roof, guttering, broken windows, chipped paint on the exterior, interior paint colour – do you have feature walls everywhere, flooring is it in good condition? Landscaping is your garden tidy or over grown and needing assistance. Work on these things first before your potential buyers enter your front door.

Then then look at your furnishings, is your furniture going to appeal to the target market your wanting to attract or is it looking tired. How is your kitchen or bathrooms, are they needing a little revamp and are they looking their best? Amazing what you can do economically to revamp these areas. Are your pets inside or outside? freshen up your home scents. There is nothing worse than walking into a home that is musty and damp.

We look at all properties quite closely and really evaluate the potential each property has. If you present your property in its best light you will not be disappointed. I just love it when I receive a call from a client to say my property sold and I am so amazed with the result. That happened last week we styled an absolutely stunning property with the most incredible views and I received a phone call from the client that same week to say it sold in just 2 days, she could not believe the result she achieved. We helped with the interior design, styling and assisted with certain aspects of the exterior.

Start your own checklist and then work out how your property compares to others in your area and make sure your home is looking the very best it can for market and your agent will be thrilled to market your home to their potential buyers so you achieve the best result possible.