Interior design tips ahead of Wallington sale

December 21, 2017

More Bellarine Peninsula work for interior designer

People selling houses often ask our interior designers how to simply improve the appearance of a house to help attract a top price. There’s no one simple solution but the interior design advice we provided for this Wallington home is something we regularly tell clients to help enhance their homes before selling: You’ve got to spend money to make money.

Well, we don’t actually say it quite like that but we do encourage clients to invest a little cash and buy a few feature items which will complement and enhance their property and make it more alluring to potential buyers, and hopefully boost the price.

This Wallington vendor followed our advice to purchase items for their home to maximise the property’s sale appeal, and we also styled the home for market sale.

Research reveals that Australian homeowners who have prepared and styled their homes before sale will sell their house quicker and at a better price than vendors who don’t invest a little money in a bit of a pre-sale facelift.

If you’re on the Bellarine Peninsula and planning to sell your home or just want a new look, please contact our interior design team for advice and assistance.