Geelong interior designer’s Easter decorating ideas

April 10, 2017

Wow it’s hard to believe that Easter is nearly upon us. If you’re like me I love sharing Easter with my family. It’s fun getting everything together for your kids Easter hunt. Why not make your Easter hunt a game for adults too and they can join in the fun. Set up games and trivia questions with religious themes about Easter with lollies and toy prizes or clues to the Easter egg hunt. As interior designers in Geelong we love the opportunities Easter presents to add touches of colour to our homes.

With decorating you could start by painting some eggs and use them as decorations around the home. Your children could help you as they would love to be involved in both painting and placing the eggs. It can get messy, so make sure to take ample precautions, especially if you’re working with toddlers. Some great colors you can work on are pink, yellow, pastel blue and green, or any color that you love.

With your table you may like to explore an Easter-themed tablecloth, find a table cloth with Easter colors or keep it simple and work with nature colours adding green. You could add a bunny or animal-themed cutlery, plates, bowls etc. or keep it simple with white and add colour with your decorations. Think about your centerpiece. You could add an Easter bunny statue, a grouping of Easter eggs or a floral arrangement. It would be nice to add grass, little rabbits, chicks and Easter eggs, tulips or daisies to your centrepiece. You don’t have to be one of our Geelong interior designers to come up with a beautiful look.

Most of all, make sure you buy plenty of Easter eggs for the kids and they get a chance to help out with putting things together as I know how much kids love to get involved with events.

Mandy Molloy-Lee