Geelong interior styling with classic metals

September 2, 2015

Copper, brass and gold are starting to steal the show. The classic metals add a rich layer of warmth and luxury to an interior. They especially look stunning in our residential property styling projects in Geelong when used in contrast to simple finishes of white, marble, wood, black and grey high-lights.

The use of copper, brass and gold can be breathtaking, especially when used in lighting accents like pendants, floor lamps and table lamps. These pieces when set against a neutral pallet stand out and create a very soft yet distinctive elegance. The warmth of their tones emit a rich gleam and sculptural weight. Introduce copper and brass into your living room or bedroom with textiles.

There are some beautiful options available in cushions and throws that have a copper metallic print in contemporary patterns, or even as a texture. This is a very cost effective way to bring a little warmth and glamour into your home. White, charcoal, blacks and soft greys work beautifully with metallic. Introduce a soft pallet of blush; pinks and glass, which work beautifully with copper especially. You can mix and match these colours with copper accessories to give your space a softer, more feminine touch.

Copper, gold or brass accessories are found in array of shapes and sizes, providing both a decorative opportunity as well as a function in Geelong interior styling projects. Copper vases, canisters and bowls in your living room, dining table and kitchen will give a lustre of luxury. We love the copper or brass wire baskets that are popular at the moment with their geometric forms to bring in contemporary form and function. Copper has natural antiseptic properties, so when considering the bathroom, copper toothbrush holders and soap dispensers are going to not only look amazing but work on a clinical level. Copper used as an architectural feature wall looks incredible, mixed back with other textures; such as wood or cement.

Enjoy the copper revolution.

Geelong GT Magazine