Hampton’s Interior Design fit for our Surfcoast

May 14, 2015

We are so lucky to live on the waterfront, Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surfcoast offer so much opportunity for us to experience the water and the coastal lifestyle in many different ways. One interior design style that evokes the relaxed coastal feel that so many of us have and aspire to is that of the interior style found in the Hampton’s or Cape Cod.

While working on an interior design for a beautiful property on the Queenscliff waterfront; inspired by the strong reference to the ocean, heritage homes, boating and fishing and windswept beach walks the Hampton’s style has been the inspiration for our brief. It is such a beautiful and classic interior design style, perfect for our climate, coast and the way we live.

Working with a soft neutral palate is the key to achieving a beautiful Hampton’s feel to your interior. When considering your base of your interior such as lounge suite and bedding, white, soft greys and linen set the perfect back drop to accessorise and layer the subtle tones and textures of your style.

Wicker, rustic wood, painted white wood, stainless steel and black painted steel are important in the interior hardware, such as your kitchen cabinetry, outdoor setting, dining and coffee tables. It is important to keep the feeling soft and relaxed with out too much clutter. When decorating your living area be sure to choose a deep comfy lounge suite with a classic style, covered in a natural fabric, cotton or linen with plenty of cushions, to create an inviting warmth to the space.

A simple collection of shells or glass vessels of varying sizes and shapes brings depth to the decoration when styling, even some soft jute baskets to keep excess cushions or fire wood in create an ideal storage solution while adding to the Hampton’s interior feel.

Luxury is understated in the Hampton’s style, it is found in the depth of layers of the natural pallet, the various tones and subtle richness of the textures used in the textiles and the mix of wood and painted white wood with the highlights of stainless steel and black. Of course this all sits so perfectly with a back drop of nature, keeping your Hampton’s interior neutral to let the outside come in and be the focus; the blues of the ocean and the greens from the garden sing in this setting.

As seen in Geelong GT Magazine