Scandinavian design – interior styling tips

February 4, 2015

Scandinavian design interior styling is one of my favourites. It characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.  We have been working on Scandinavian design projects in Geelong recently, which have been very exciting.  Getting the balance right in the homes is the key. Here are some tips to share.

  1. Firstly focus on creating warmth, using the light in the home and keeping the interior concept earthy and relaxed.
  2. Scandinavian design is very liveable; focus on paring back layers of the homes interior, creating functional spaces.
  3. Wood is often prominent throughout a Scandinavian home. You can highlight wood with your furniture,  floorboards, wall and ceiling panels.  Scandinavian homes will have coloured floor boards rather than carpet as it shows off the natural materials.
  4. Furniture styles range from Scandinavian/Nordic style to Retro/Scandinavian, to name a few.
  5. Keep the colour palette predominately white, neutral and relaxed.
  6. If you want to inject colour do this with your decoration pieces but don’t over clutter.
  7. Look at each space differently and select the right pieces to create the desired look.
  8. Think about floral motif fabrics and wallpapers when considering  interior styling with Scandinavian flair.
  9. Create a room outside and bring the outdoors in. Scandinavians love the outdoors. With so many beautiful places in and around Geelong we too can live this style.
  10. If you want to add drapes look at soft and airy textural linens rather than heavier fabrics.

– as seen in Geelong GT Magazine